Thank you for visiting our website. Below we have listed, for your convenience, a series of reference books that have proven most informative to anyone interested in Native American Arts and Crafts.

Hopi Basket Weaving
Artistry in Natural Fibres

Helga Teiwes

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Living in a landscape of almost surreal form and color, Hopi weavers are carrying on one of the oldest arts traditions in the world.  Woven in brilliant reds, greens and yellows as well as black and white, the designs of their baskets and plaques are highly symbolic of what is most important in Hopi life.  To open the pages of this book is first to step into a little-known world and then to learn more about an art form steeped in meaning and stunning in its beauty.

Southwestern Indian Baskets
Their History and Their Makers

Andrew Hunter Whiteford

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This book is a comprehensive history of southwestern Indian basketry and focuses on
the people who make them and on the baskets themselves. It carefully describes
design, form, and technique, Whiteford also investigates the historical and
social contexts from which particular kinds of baskets emerged and
changed. It covers current basket making as well.

Apache Indian Baskets

Clara Lee Tanner

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Of all  Indian basketry, that of the Apaches has long been most admired for its craftsmanship and beauty.  Tanner, world authority on Southwest Indian crafts, now unfolds the achievements of three major Apache groups in this dazzling volume. Variations and similarities between Western Apache, Jicarilla, and Mescarlero baskets are described and illustrated within the context of their evolution from different life styles and environments. Materials, forms, techniques, and designs are all beautifully illustrated.  This is a book that will prove indispensable to anyone, professional or amateur, with an interest in American Indian crafts.

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American Indian Basketry

Otis Tufton Mason

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This exhaustive survey ( 2 volumes in one ) of American Indian Basketry is prehaps the finest book ever published on the subject.  It documents basketmaking throughout the Americas and is an indispensable reference for collectors, preservationists or even anthropologists .  It contains a massive source of information about baskets, the people who make them, how they are made and their role in native American life and culture.

Indian Baskets

Sarah & William Turnbaugh

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Explore the stunning diversity of North American Indian and Eskimo baskets, from little-known native basketry to the more common forms. This colorful book combines manufacturing techniques, raw materials, forms, and decoration with information on native lifestyles. More than 175 regional and tribal styles are documented in an easy-to-use and
beautifully illustrated format.

Readers will be able to identify their own Indian baskets using this guide's standardized terminology, identification keys, glossary, maps, and bibliographies. Hundreds of baskets were photographed for this volume in color and in black-and-white. Many are from the famous and unparalleled collection of the Peabody Museum of Harvard University where the authors began their basketry research in the 1970s.

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Contemporary Native American Artists

Dawn E. Reno

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Profiles more than one thousand contemporary Native American artists including potters, silversmiths, weavers, painters, wood and metal sculptors, and basket-makers from approximately one hundred tribes throughout the country.


Field Guide to Southwest Indian Arts and Crafts
Susanne Page & Jake Page

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A comprehensive guide to identifying and understanding Southwest Indian jewelry, pottery, basketry, weaving, and carvings

The Field Guide to Southwest Indian Arts and Crafts includes descriptive captions for 210 color and 50 black-and-white photographs - clear and compelling explanations of centuries-old techniques The featured work of more than two hundred leading Southwest Indian artisans, information on visiting the reservations, and cultural histories of more than thirty tribes, including the Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, and Pueblo


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